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Who is Grace Samuel?


In case we haven’t met, 

Hi, I’m Grace 

and I help brides (and grooms) prepare for and enjoy their big day without stress!

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Four years ago, I saw my friends struggle to get ready for their wedding. Most times, even with family, friends and an event planner, I still see how stressed they got over the details that mattered to them personally. Then one day, I stepped in to be my friend’s personal assistant for her wedding day and I cracked the code to ensure all brides enjoy every moment of the day.

Till today, my clients recount me as, “the best decision they ever made!”


  • As a person, I genuinely love helping people and making them happy.
  • As a product manager, I have worked with +100 engineers to build amazing tech products. All of them say I am a pleasure to work with.
  • I have been told by several people that I give amazing relationship advice.
  • I love travelling to see new places…a lot! But, not as much I as I love the awe-inspiring Creator of the beauty I see.


Dear #BrideToBe,

On this journey, please know you are never alone. 

I’ve seen quite a number of weddings to help you on this once-in-forever journey. 

Walking down the aisle can be a handful but I am here to make it stress-free.

And guess what? We can start making magic happen right now. Check out your first wedding gift or see how we can work together.

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