How to plan a wedding in 3 months

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Wedding planning in 3 months

It’s always a good idea to take your time when planning a wedding but it’s also possible to speed things up. Planning a wedding in three months is an ambitious goal but it’s very achievable. 

This of course means that you’re deciding to abandon some social conventions but rules are made to be broken. The following guidelines will help you plan a wedding in three months. 

1. Prioritize 

Working with a three-month time frame means that you’ll have to deliberate about priorities. What are the most important aspects of your wedding? Make sure you settle these as soon as you choose a date. This means your dress, venue and vendors must be sorted out as soon as possible. 

2. Keep it small

If you want to pull off this wedding in three months, it might be better to keep it small. An intimate event will take less time to put together as it’ll be easier to find a venue and coordinate the activities. It’ll also mean less effort on the part of the vendors so it might be easier to lock them down at short notice. 

3. Get help

Don’t attempt to plan a wedding in three months all by yourself. It will be too much for you to handle and the last thing you need is to be exhausted on your big day. Get your family and friends involved by delegating some duties and take it a step further by reaching out to me. Whatever the time frame is for your wedding, I promise to help you have the experience of a lifetime. 

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