Wedding preparation tips from Queen Esther

wedding preparation tips form queen esther

Before she became queen, Esther was just like any other girl brought into the King’s court to be groomed for the coveted role of wife to the most powerful man in the world. It was not an overnight journey – it took over a year to get ready to meet the King. The sad part of it all was that it took less than a day to decide your fate after the long process. So why was this process even important? The King could as well choose the best candidate and then make her go through the process after. But we see and learn what Esther’s wedding preparation had to be to become Queen.

So, what did this process involve? We see the answer in Esther 2:8-9 & 12-13. Esther had 

  • 7 of the best attendants
  • The best foods
  • The best place in the harem
  • 12 months of beautification – 6 months with the oil of myrrh and then 6 months with perfumes and cosmetics
  • Anything else she would go to the king’s chambers with

Wow, such pampering!

Let me show you the people a Queen needs in preparation for her wedding day.

Esther was given the best attendants from the beginning because she found favor with Hegai. He knew it was important not just to have the best beautification process outlined for her but she needed to have the best people for the job. 

  • Find a Make-up Artist that knows your face crown to chin and cheek to cheek. Your MUA must give you the beat of your life for your wedding. Try on as many MUAs for those weddings or parties you attend; in the process, mark those who get you to look a million bucks for the best bucks offered. Trust me, it is not by their name or fame but by who’s got game for your face. 
  • Get a Hair Stylist that understands what you want. Your hair is your crowning glory, with or without a tiara! Natural hair bride, get a pro in that field. Not everyone knows the rudiments for natural hair or even styles that are doable for a wedding look. For weaves and wigs, do some consultation on the best hair to use for wedding hair styles. Go through pictures and find a look you like and see who can pull it off for you. 
  • Find a Masseuse that you are comfortable with. Wedding stress is unavoidable as the day draws closer. Make it a date with her at least twice before D-day to get those tense muscles and reduce the effect of stress on you. You don’t want to find it difficult to dance because you can’t go low. 
  • Get your nails looking pretty and ready for a ring selfie with a creative Nail Technician. As tiny and as insignificant as your fingers may seem, one of it carries the most expensive stone you may be wearing on your day and the ultimate proof of the union. So let your nail tech make your hands ready to receive without them looking like claws.
  • Pamper yourself with a Beauty Therapist. There is nothing worse than looking for ways to cover a skin reaction on your wedding day. It is important that you know the best products for your skin at least 3 months before your wedding. It’s not time to try on new products for skin care, facials or waxing. It’s time to ensure you have enough of what is best to last till then. Find a beauty therapist that you know uses products that you are not allergic to and be consistent.
  • Keep your trusted Friends and Family close enough to support you and far enough not to intimidate your wedding decisions. It’s your wedding but in a place like Nigeria, parents play important roles especially with financing so they may want to have a final say about many things. Try your best to be accommodating but draw a firm line where you and your groom have a stand already. Choose bridesmaids carefully. Cautiously, listen to advice knowing that every wedding and marriage is different including yours.
  • Not to be so obvious, but you need the Bride’s Assistant. A groom once said regrettably that he wished he hired someone to help his bride; she was too exhausted after the wedding he was shocked she did not call it quits. To make things worse, an event planner once made it clear to a bride that she was not her PA ☹ . Well, I’m here now! ☺ 

Truth is, the event planner is already overwhelmed with your 1000+ guest event to remember that you need to get a dress fitting, eat healthy or get a spa day. Your bridesmaids are too busy getting made up and dressed with you to make sure your groom gets his gift and all logistics are in place to get to church on time. You and your friends already have 9-5 jobs that take much more than 40 hours of your life a week to have enough time to get everything you need just in time for the wedding.

No wonder brides have confirmed that the Bride’s Assistant is the most important attendant every bride needs in their wedding preparations, just like Queen Esther. I’m here to go all lengths to get you the best people for the job (or make those people you do not want around stay off) and ensure they do nothing but the best for you. It’s my job to organize everything for you. I’m here to make you the star of your show and just like a princess, ensure that all you do is wake up and live your fairytale. I’m here to ensure you are the perfect Queen for your King. As a matter of fact, check out this free Wedding Budget Template I created just for you!

I hope this has been helpful in getting you ready to walk down the aisle. Sign up for more exclusive wedding tips straight into your mailbox!

Till then, stay awesome.


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