10 Saturdays in 2020 that make special wedding dates!

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We all want our wedding day to be special!
I personally think numbers are special; and if you are like me, dates are so unique! Some are hard-to-miss dates – looking like a mental sum or multiples of a number. And to me, this new year called 2020 is special. Apart from it being a leap year, it’s Double 20! Who wouldn’t want to get married this year?! πŸ˜‰ So, I went over the calendar and found 10 Saturdays you wouldn’t want to miss as your wedding day if this is your year.


Remember the 2 times table?! 2 x 1 = 2. Here’s one date you don’t want to miss:

  • 1st February – 01.02.2020

Ready for another mental sum? What is 2 x 5 x 2 = ?

  • 2nd May – 02.05.2020

Two by Two

I think the number 2 is special. After all, two shall become one 😁. Here is one date if 2 is a favourite number too.

  • 22nd February – 22.02.2020

Once in Four Years

Yes, it’s a leap year and this date is on a Saturday! If you’re ready to celebrate your anniversary only once in 4 years, this is a perfect date! 🀭

  • 29th February – 29.02.2020

Double-Double Date

Thanks to the leap year, it’s a double-double season of blessings with numbers to show. Check it out:

  • 4th April – 04.04.2020
  • 6th June – 06.06.2020
  • 8th August – 08.08.2020
  • 10th October – 10.10.2020
  • 12th December – 12.12.2020

Throwback to …

If you’re looking for a throwback date, maybe for an old-school themed wedding, see this:

  • 20.06.2020

Can you see it? 2006 to 2020 – this would be especially special if you’ve known your significant other this long…maybe childhood sweethearts πŸ₯°

Now that you have some dates, you can check it off your wedding to-do list 😁. It’s time to book it down and get planning, and I have the best gift for you!

If a Saturday wedding isn’t your thing, look out for my next post. I share Friday, Sunday and weekday dates you don’t want to miss. Be the first to know, by signing up below.

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