Till Death Do Us Part – Chapter 1

Her alarm went off at exactly 5:00pm. 
Vanessa struggled to find her vibrating phone under her pillow. This short nap was the best shuteye she’d gotten since she resumed planning her wedding a month ago. 

After COVID hit, she thought all would be well in a month but to her surprise, it lasted and dragged for four months before things looked near normal. Now, her dream wedding was barely a week away! 

Vanessa got up to prepare for their pre-marital class. It was a good sign that she was still getting married in 2020 despite the odds. She navigated her way to the venue and got there just in time. She hurriedly parked her car and dashed towards the entrance of the hall while unlocking her phone to dial Bae. 

Two rings and she heard his voice, “Babe, I’m on my way.” 

She rolled her eyes as she brought herself to a stop just outside the door to listen to this apology speech.

He continued, “I’m sorry, work got me tied down. It would take me longer than I expected to get there but I’ll be there. Listen for two, okay?”

“But, KJ, you should have left earlier. These classes can be quite painful without your partner.” She tried to sugarcoat her disappointment with sarcasm. 

“I know, love. I’m on my way. If my ETA is right, I should be there in an hour.” He sounded apologetic enough to know it was no fault of his.

“Okay, see you soon. I love you.” She meant that last sentence more every time she said it.

“I love you too.” Her heart skipped a beat as always since she first heard it. She ended the call and finally opened the door, half-ready to learn for two.

90 minutes into the session, her phone was vibrating loudly in her bag. She wasn’t expecting any calls while on DND mode but if she heard it vibrate, it must be the third time the caller was making an effort to reach her or the first time one of her favourite contacts was calling. 

As she found the phone, it was definitely a favourite contact but he was meant to walk in and sit beside her not call her.

She briskly walked out of the hall to take the call. 

Vanessa started, “Baby, where are you now? The class is almost…”

The panicky voice that interrupted her was definitely not KJ’s. “Hello, hello, ma! The police. They shot him!”

She froze. Her phone dropped to the floor and soon after she followed.

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Thank you for reading the first chapter of this short story. It was birthed in and inspired by one of the toughest but most revolutionary times we’ve ever known in Nigeria’s history. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #LekkiMassacre #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria.

However, it’s centred around themes I really love – God, love, weddings & marriage! You can read more about me here and what I do here.

I promise it won’t be long before the concluding part is published but I would love to hear what you think. So, please leave a comment below…it would mean so much to me.

You can also grab my FREE Wedding Budget Template below. Trust me, it’s one of the best templates to get you ready for your wedding.

Till next time, speak up for what you believe in!

Yours always,

The Grace Samuel

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  1. Okay I didn’t see that end coming. Wozaldis naaaaaa? Gun shot at the end of the makings of romance😭😭😭😭😭

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