Till Death Do Us Part – Epilogue

till death do us part - short story

Continued from Chapter 2

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join these precious two in holy matrimony.” Her pastor was extra giddy today, it made them smile. They couldn’t blame him because getting married on their chosen date was truly a miracle.

He continued, “Vanessa and Kolade, I understand you have both written your vows. You may go ahead, ladies first though.”

Vanessa cleared her throat, happy her voice was more audible. She turned to face him and saw husband to-be’s handsome face, lavishly lit by the lanterns that hung over them.

For a brief moment, she looked around to see how well Alheri pulled last-minute strings to get them this lovely garden wedding that hosted twenty of their closest family and friends. It was the coziest decor she’d seen with hanging lights and draping white fabrics that swayed with the evening breeze, the same one that almost brushed the curl of hair on her face, bringing her focus to the task at hand – she was getting married!

“My dearest KJ, the last one week was one our meticulous plans didn’t cover. After months of waiting for the perfect time, I couldn’t bring myself to believe that it was not going to happen after all. Or so I thought. Death tried it’s best, but our love conquered it. Today, after days of hoping and praying that you would at least come back to me, I finally get to be yours forever.”

She paused and lifted her head to sniff back the tears that was trying to make an entry to her well made-up face. Their guests couldn’t hold the “Awwww” while KJ giggled.

“Before God, family and friends,” she continued “I vow to be your favourite confidant, your number one cheerleader and your crazy lover. Above all, KJ, if there’s one thing I’m certain about right now it would be the fact that I can’t live one more day without being your wife. I love you, Kolade Jason Oluwadare.”

There was a loud applause that echoed through the garden that made it sound like heaven was applauding too. She knew it sounded weird but she liked the thought of it just like she loved the grin on her groom’s face. Every smile line was obvious and his loving gaze stirred up the butterflies in her stomach knowing he was about to pour out his heart to her.

After hearing his side of the story of last week’s events, she stood in awe of his strength all wrapped in love for people, especially her. And, here he stood about to commit himself to expressing that love to her everyday of their lives.

“Vee, my love, my heart’s rhythm and my daily strength. For the better part of the last one year, we spent time dreaming of our future, our life together as parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. We never thought death was a thing until recent times when I finally understood why traditional vows mentioned it.”

He could see the brown of her eyes getting clearer with her tears. Before the water works started, he reached for his handkerchief in his breast pocket and placed it in her hand. She quickly caught the one sliding down her left cheek. As much as wanted to wipe it himself, he definitely didn’t want to ruin the make up that hid her tiredness. The tiredness his near-death incident caused.

He smiled and spoke again so lovingly, “Our journey hadn’t begun, but we fought death for what we have. You may think you almost lost me but I think I’m the one that almost lost you. I almost lost the chance to grow old with you, the chance to nurture kids that have your intelligence and my tenacity and the chance to shower you with so much love that you bloom to be more amazing everyday.”

“I never doubted how steadfast you’ll stand by my side but the last few days showed me a hundred more reasons why I had to be alive. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know the Holder of the future. And, with His help I vow to be the husband you dreamed for and more. Vanessa Oluchi Benson, I am yours and you are mine, till death do us part.”

None present could hold back the tears that followed but both knew those words will mean more to them everyday for the next 57 years.


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