Weddings! Do they have to be stressful?

why wedding planning is stressful

You said yes and didn’t know it came with so much confusion. While ”Congratulations” floods your timeline, your mind is working overtime. You are trying to figure out where to start in planning your perfect wedding. In all this, you are finding it stressful with every passing minute with the thoughts of the many things to be done.
But, not to add to the pressure but in fact, take off the pressure and wedding planning stress, here are a few things you should stop doing now:

1. Stop looking at how many days you have left.

I know it can be hard to see that your wedding day is coming faster than you anticipated and not panic. While you panic about tomorrow in today, you rob yourself of the goodness today has. You can do this by itemising what you need to do on a list and check it off according to priority, everyday. And, I have the perfect gift for you!

2. Stop using Instagram as your vendor selection tool.

Hmmm, I can’t start telling you the horrors many brides have faced with “IG-perfect” vendors. To be clear, even the best of best on IG have disappointed many, so be careful and wise. One way to validate vendors is by testimonials from people you know. If you can’t find someone in your circle, make a bold move by chatting up past clients. You will be shocked, people are willing to help with the absolute truth.

3. Stop ignoring what you want and listening to everyone else.

As simple as it sounds, we are guilty of this many times. We love to hear what everyone thinks or want to make everyone else happy, forgetting what we want. The fact remains that it is your wedding day and for it to remain memorable for you, you have to make choices that will make you happy. From the date, venue, down to colours or music, make sure you choose what will make you happy.

4. Stop planning your wedding with money promised by family and friends.

Please budget on your current account balance and not on some invisible money. Until it is cash in the bank, it is non-existent. If it comes, thank God and add it to honeymoon expenses or some investment more worthwhile. Remember, your wedding day is one day out of a marriage that will last decades.

5. Stop expecting everyone to be as excited or anxious as you are.

Please remember that because it is YOUR day, no one else except your husband to-be will share the very feelings you have. And while you strive for perfection, many others may just want to have a good enough time. So, don’t be surprised when your bridesmaids are not ready when you are, or the church is empty when you walk down the aisle, or the photographer doesn’t arrive on time.

The short answer: No, wedding planning shouldn’t be stressful.

Dear Future Bride & Groom, remember, your wedding day is Day 1 of Forever. You need to eliminate stress and stay sane for the amazing years ahead.

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2 thoughts on “Weddings! Do they have to be stressful?”

    1. Hello,
      A certain level of wisdom is required when it comes to dealing with family.
      You have to be specific about what you can allow and afford but always back it up with reasons. You also need to be able to listen to their expectations but be able to filter what applies to you. I know of a man who had to tell his future mother in-law that she had to choose between the heavy bride price and her daughter living in an empty house. And, you can guess, she chose her daughter. Sometimes, their request isn’t the real problem so you have to be able to understand and guide them to you decision.

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